LANCIA DELTA (844), 07.2008 -

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Body parts

Engine cover

under the engine148,00 zł

Mirror glas

SFTM1010L51861077heated; blue45,00 zł
SFTM1010R51861076heated; blue45,00 zł

Car optic elements

Fog lamp

ZFT2015OL(OEM)H11; ECE167,00 zł
ZFT2015OR(OEM)H11; ECE323,00 zł
ZFT2015LH11; ECE132,00 zł
ZFT2015RH11; ECE197,00 zł

Tail lamp

ZLZ1300GL51808849L foglights (red)
ZLZ1300GR51808848R reversing140,00 zł

Other parts

Vipper blade

V4208RWT1back wiper. leg